I think most people are under the misconception that if you don't personally select your own produce, meat, fish, etc... the quality will be lacking..... not true! I have been using Fresh Direct (available in the New York area) for years and have been thoroughly pleased with their ability to choose the best and freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and baked goods (baked on premises). If that's not enough, it's much less expensive than any grocery store in the 5 boroughs. Delivery charge is under $6 and you choose the time and day.
  Their seasonal produce is gorgeous and have a huge selection of organic items. When ordering meats or fish you can specify how you want it packaged, marinated and butchered. For instance, you can order an aged strip steak ($15.99/lb) in 1", 1 1/2", 2" thickness and have it vacuum sealed, or Berkshire pork chops in desired thickness, with a chipotle rub. They keep a list of everything you've ever ordered for reference, have weekly specials and prepared meals, from recipes by well known chefs. In addition, they carry beer, an impressive wine selection, and hard liquor.
  Why would anybody go to the grocery store, when you can do all your shopping from home in your PJs??  Plus there's a Fresh Direct  IPhone App!! What's not to love?.... unless you enjoy waiting in line at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods for hours on end!!