On a recent trip to California, my daughter Ali made the most delicious snack I've had in years. They were  light and crispy kale chips. They literally disintegrate in your mouth... when made correctly! I had heard about them and read about them in every cooking magazine, but never attempted to make them. So when I got home it was the first order of business. As it turned out, it was not as easy as she made it look!! To add insult to injury, she made three different varieties, a salt and pepper, a cumen spiced and a cayenne chili pepper.... big show off!!!
  My first batch was a disaster!  I had the oven preheated to 350*F, tore the kale leaves, added salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. What I produced was a brown oily chip...YUCK! The second batch, I lowered the oven temperature to 300*F and used less oil, and it was closer to Ali's, but still a bit soggy. It's all about the texture, and I wasn't getting the light, crispy, exploding in your mouth chip that she made. So on my last attempt, I finally got it right. I used a 300*F oven, tore the kale into larger pieces, barely oiled them, salt and pepper, in a single layer on a cookie sheet. I placed them in the center of the oven and cooked them for about 10 minutes. What resulted was a lighter than air, crispy Kale Ali Chip!! At last!!